ANTHYMN is a massively multiplayer online game using music as a game controller. We at the Centre for Digital Media have been tasked with creating a portion of a prototype for String Theory Entertainment that defines the second-to-second gameplay.

Art direction role:

  • Establish the visual direction for contents in the game
  • produce various character concepts, location designs and art assets
  • Set up prioritized task list base on the team's current direction

What I've learned:

Because I was very used to the waterfall process, it took me a while to get use to the Agile process. By the end of this project, I learned to involve myself with the creative process and set up prioritized task lists for myself based on the team’s current direction. Working as part of the game design team, I was able to build confidence both within the team and with the freelancing team though effective and inspiring visual communication.

Location Design

Effect Concept

Tree Concept

Shards Design

HUD Design