Experienced with Maya modelling and animation; ZBrush schulpting

Character sculpturing - Pig Man

MAYA & ZBrush


Base clothing imported into ZBrush, ready to sculpt

Modelling clothing base in Maya

Body mesh sculpted in Zbrush

Concept for clothing and references

ZBrush Head Sculpturing 


3D Model and Animation in MAYA; Composting in After Effects

Character animation in maya

3D Character Animation in MAYA

Sketch thumbnails

Sketch thumbnails

Previsualisation - Medieval Land

Sketch-Up & Google 3D Warehouse

o    Composting a virtual environment using existing models to communicate clearly with the client

o    All 3D model are from Google 3D Warehouse

Modelling - VILLAS

Architecture Design & 3D Modelling in 3DS MAX

VILLAS is a student project I did during my second year in Central Academy of Fine Arts Bachelor of Architecture program.  

Designing and 3D Modelling role:

o    Paper prototyping the concept

o    Finalizing the design for the architecture at the 2D stage

o    Creating 3D model in 3DS MAX